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Transitional Housing

What is Whare Āhuru

Whare Āhuru supports homeless or at-risk rangatahi between 16-21 years old.

We provide a safe, secure and supportive environment that encourages and promotes healing and wellbeing.

Our aim is to support the development of self reliance to allow young people to transition from dependance to independent living and sustainable long-term accommodation.


Our model has been designed with trusted kaimahi at its foundation providing 24/7 onsite support.

Dedicated Kaiārahi walk alongside rangatahi to set personal goals and navigate through issues that may arise.

During their stay at Whare Āhuru, we provide rangatahi with opportunities to develop self reliance.

Our aim is to support rangatahi with their transition to sustainable accommodation. To do so, we first establish healthy and long-lasting relationships through positive role modelling and support. 

Our team works collaboratively with other health, education, social sector agencies, community, and Iwi organisations to provide integrated wrap-around support services to meet the individual needs of rangatahi.

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Whare Āhuru provides temporary accommodation and support for youth who are in urgent need of housing.

In addition to provision of temporary accommodation, rangatahi are provided with support services to help them address their needs and move back into long-term accommodation.

Rangatahi are required to contribute 25% of their income toward their housing costs, which is in line with income-related rents for public housing and emergency housing special needs grants. Ministry of Social Development subsidises the balance of rent payable.

In general, families and individuals stay in transitional housing for an average of 12 weeks. However, rangatahi require higher levels of
support. An average stay for those 16-21 years is 6 to 12 months. 

In addition, rangatahi receive further support once they’ve found a permanent place to live to ensure their transition to independent living is successful.

Who can apply?

Rangatahi are eligible for transitional housing accommodation and support where there is an immediate urgent housing need.
Whare Āhuru eligibility criteria includes the following Rangatahi should be:

Independent and between the ages 16 – 21

Financially independent

In a position where they do not require supported living arrangements

Able to coexist with others
In a situation where they have an immediate housing need

How eligibility is assessed

It is determined that a young person has an immediate housing need when they do not have an adequate place to stay that night or in the immediate future (that is, within the next seven days or more) and/or:

Will not be able to remain in their usual place of residence (if any)

Will not have access to other accommodation that is adequate for them and their immediate family where not providing the assistance would worsen the person’s position, increase, or create any risk to the life or welfare of the household, or cause serious hardship to the household

Are unable to meet the cost of other accommodation from their resources


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