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As a charitable trust, we aspire to be at the heart of delivering transformative programs to the community.

Our charitable status enables us to gather support and resources, enabling us to deliver more programs to the communities we serve.


How your funding helps

Mana offers intensive support through mentoring programmes and care services by partnering with whānau to deliver excellent outcomes. We implement four key elements: (1) Care, (2) Mentoring, (3) Programmes, and (4) Whānau engagement. 

As we bring all four elements together under one umbrella, we reduce the number of services that are working with each tamaiti and increase accountability. This allows for real and lasting change in the families that work with us.

Government ministries cover our services for care and many whānau services, but our programs and mentoring need additional funding. 

Your tax-deductible donation helps Mana continue to deliver exceptional, high-impact programs and mentoring to our most at-risk youth. 

What we do with the funding

We provide programs in the community that support tamariki and rangatahi.

Engaging programs
We deliver both individualised and group programs depending on the needs of the tamariki. 


At Mana, we believe that working collectively with other organisations in the community with a similar focus yields the best outcomes.  By pooling funding and resources we are able to do more. 

Every donation matters

Your donation supports meaningful change

The healing power of animals. After 23 years in the police force, Matt shares how his patrol dogs created an opportunity to connect with young youth and establish moments where relationships were formed on trust, empathy and understanding.


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Legal entity name: Mana Services Aotearoa Charitable Trust