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We support tamariki and rangatahi who have high and complex needs.

We have often seen the difference the caregiver relationship makes in the lives of tamariki in care. We do not take on tamariki without organising a professional consultation with the young person themselves. In these consultations, we ensure that we can provide an appropriate level of support. 

We cannot emphasise enough the positive influence genuine care, cultural connection, a whānau oriented environment, and constructive pro-social activity has in supporting rangatahi. Our mentors and caregivers offer these services to our most in need rangatahi. 

For high needs rangatahi, we have a range of solutions to reunite them with their whānau or return to the hapori.

Finding the right match

Each tamaiti is unique. Our operating model facilitates their individual needs by matching them with the service and team that will deliver the best outcome.

We attribute our success to creating a home-like environment that enables our rangatahi to maintain their connections with members of their own whānau and community. By partnering with both their whānau and community, we achieve positive outcomes collectively.

Whare Ora (Group Home)

Here tamariki are able to live in a group/whānau styled living situation.

In our group home care, we aim to have a husband and wife act as “House Aunty & Uncle” alongside a team of caregivers providing weekend and holiday support/cover. 


To minimise stress on tamariki, we ensure that the same caregivers work long term within the care team to build lasting relationships.

Individual care

Extremely high needs rangatahi may require extensive personalised care.

This can be delivered via fee for service or a longer term contract of 12-36 months.

A care team is built specifically to support the tamaiti. We ensure that the staffing plan is built around the unique needs of the tamaiti. As a general rule, staff rotate every 24 hours only.

The team leader is responsible for ensuring the individual needs of the tamaiti are met and that all necessary reports are delivered to our partners.

Quality Standards

We are committed to continually improving the quality of our services. Our caregivers are expected to:

Undergo ongoing training and a detailed induction. 
Receive first aid certification within the first 2 months of employment
Be drug-free and commit to random drug testing. 
Hold and maintain a clean drivers licence. 
Act as a mentor and lead by example. We look for integrity-led and motivated people who want to get out and do things with our rangatahi.
Upload case notes to the case management system each day – these can be shared with Oranga Tamariki in real-time.

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